Sera Italiana


We want to extend out gratitude again to those who have made Sera Italiana possible and to those who attended the event. Your support drive us to continue our mission! Stay tune for our next Gala event for winter 2017, and check out other event that is going to take place soon! Here is a video by our members for the memorable night.

The Chefs

Errico Giordano

Errico comes from a small town in the province of Naples called Terzigno near Pompeii. This town is famous for a wine called Lacrima Christi (tears of Jesus) which is a riesling wine with an amazing sweet flavour. He loves theater and singing -- like all neapolitans; these passions join together and help to elevate his love for food.

Emiliano Del Frate

Emiliano comes from the province of Rome, the eternal city. Full of history and great flavour, he studied culinary school in a town between Rome and Naples. He got the best of what the two towns have to offer about food. He loves rock, tattoos and vintage car - with his dishes he will rock your palate.

Salvatore Sauta

Salvatore comes from one of the two italian islands, Sicily, region rich of tradition; he comes from Messina. Salvatore learned to make pizza in one of the famous italian schools taught by an accredited pizzaiolo. Being the diligent student that he was, he made sure to learn all the tricks possible to make siclian pizza even more spectacular. His second passion is art and painting. He tries to make his pizzas his own masterpiece.

Andrea Robustino

Andrea comes from the province of Naples. He travelled around Europe where he built up his culinary experiance working in countries like Spain, Germany and France, but never forget where he comes from trying to combine new flavour to the traditional italian dishes. He likes bonzai trees - feeding them and cutting them is a true passion that he has.

Antonio Di Tuccio

Antonio comes from a town called Foggia in the region of Puglia - region famous for its centenary olive trees that produce one of the best italian extra virgin olive oil. His love for food was transmitted obviously from his grandmother and from his uncle that is now a highly recognized chef member of the Italian Federation Chefs. He loves sweets and always tries to create new types of dessert. He is passionate about extreme sports - let's see if he can give you an extreme experiance with the desserts he prepares.

Lorenzo Stangarone

Lorenzo comes from Florence, city full of art, and here Lorenzo made his passion for gelato an art. He has been trained by some of the World champion gelato chefs. Lorenzo came to Canada three years ago and started working in Niagara On The Lake in a small gelato shop. Currently he is working in Toronto as Gelato Chef and Trainer. He also loves to create drinks infact he is an amazing flair bartender.