Thankfulness - Camp Dorset

By Zeynep Gumustas

We had an amazing experience and remarkable moments at Lion Dorset camp with our little family.  The staff at Lion Dorset was very welcoming and supportive with all health needs as well providing activitites for our kids to make our trip even more enjoyable for them. The best part of our trip was we were able to travel  around to explore more and more without worrying about getting dialysis for my husband. The dialysis unit locates into the gorgeous Lion Dorset camp a few steps away from our cottage. There was no phone service either no internet connection at all which gave our family a great opportunity of spending more quality time all together. We enjoyed the gorgeous beach and equipments provided by lion dorset camp for free to use such as row boat, canoe, etc.

We are thankful to Kidney Care Network International for providing funding for our visit to Lion Dorset camp, with your support our trip was more affordable and relaxed to enjoy without worrying about financial expenses. When you come to the Lion Dorset Just don’t forget to purchase your bug spray, we promise the rest is on Kidney Care Network International and Lion Dorset Camp. Thank you so much again for providing such a great memory for our kids.