Part of the mission for Kidney CARE Network International is to be a strong advocate in education about kidney diseases and kidney health promotion directed to the general public. It is based on the premise that educating the public about CKD is fundamental for building a supportive community for patients and their family. Activities like the “Scavenger Hunt for Kidney Facts” has been set up during our fundraising events in order to educate people about CKD. We also spread messages that promote kidney health on social media. The purpose is to encourage individuals to make better health choices and inspire societies to live a kidney - friendly lifestyle.

Kidney CARE Stakeholder Survey

Chronic Kidney Disease and You 
Aside from educating the general public about chronic kidney disease (CKD), we’d like to learn more from patients or anyone who are related to CKD in some way. Over several years, we gathered information through a needs assessment survey to better understand what is really important to patients living with chronic kidney disease, healthcare and service providers, as well as the general public. We have received over 400 survey responses! A big THANK YOU to everyone who have completed the survey!
Through this survey, we found that a main priority for individuals living with CKD is eating tasty foods safely. As a result of this finding, we have created - with the help of patients and their supporters, health care providers and dietitians - a Kidney Friendly Cookbook!

Kidney CARE Network International Cookbook

Coming Soon... Our book launch is expected in Spring 2020.