While there were many patient focused incentives for Kidney CARE (for example, see “A Patient. A Doctor. The Shared Love of Food.”, it all really started with a long car ride home…

People with chronic kidney disease and endstage kidney failure (CKD) are at very high risk of health complications, including having bad heart and blood vessel problems, such as heart attacks.  However, a big challenge is the lack of funding required to research the ways to prevent or treat these serious complications for patients with CKD.

“It’s not so much the journey that’s important; as is the way that we treat those we encounter and those around us, along the way”
― Jeremy Aldana

This problem was being pondered by the Chair (Dr. Lok) and Vice-Chair (Ms. Kosa) of Kidney CARE on a long journey home after conducting research in this area, when they realized the problem could be solved.  The journey ride home ended and a newer, much more exciting journey began….They embarked on the journey to create Kidney CARE Network International.  We envisioned Kidney CARE to provide funding for patient inspired and patient focused Collaborative Activities, Research and Education.  At that time, the core patient focused activities or ideas that inspired the birth of Kidney CARE were:

  • Collaborative Activities: Many patients have restricted lifestyles because they need to come to the hospital 3 times per week for 4 hours each time to receive life-sustaining dialysis. However, there are special vacation opportunities for patients, such as Camp Dorset, where patients can enjoy the great outdoors and go camping and still receive their needed dialysis. The problem is that patients often do not have transportation to Camp Dorset.  So we decided to have fund raising activities with the proceeds to support patient travel to Camp Dorset so that they can have improved quality of life outside of their usual dialysis unit environment.

One fund raising activity was to collaborate with patients and dietitians to create a cookbook for patients and their families. These would be sold with funds going back to activities aimed to improve the lives of patients with CKD.

  • Research: Research is the foundation of Kidney CARE. In addition to ongoing research projects that Kidney CARE helps support such as PISCES, Kidney CARE aims to provide funding for students and researchers conducting CKD patient focused research.  
  • Education: Educational activities, such as the Kidney CARE scavenger hunt, are aimed at increasing the public’s awareness of CKD and its implications while having fun. The informative scavenger hunt was held during our Ponies and Puppies for Kidneys event.

We strive to learn more about what people want education on via our Kidney CARE Survey

We hope you will join us and support us in our important journey to improving the lives of patients with CKD through our Kidney CARE.