Gabrielle Ene


Collaborative Activities/Events Committee Lead

Gabrielle is a clinical research professional, coordinating various projects within the Gynecology Oncology division located at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

During her university years, Gabrielle had the chance to meet the incredibly dedicated nephrology team from Toronto General Hospital and gained an appreciation for the healthcare provided to those affected by CKD. She is passionate about spreading the word to healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public about the important need for further collaboration and research in this field. As the collaborative activities lead, Gabrielle looks at opportunities available in the community to connect. She has helped organize numerous events with the group, with her greatest contribution every year being the Kidney CARE Gala - an inspirational evening bringing together donors, healthcare professionals, individuals touched by CKD, and all who want to make a difference!

If you're interested in learning more about kidney CARE and how you can become involved with our events, reach out to Gabby at:

Outside of her day-to-day research work, Gabrielle enjoys playing volleyball and is part of numerous leagues throughout the year!