Ishraq Joarder

Public Liaison

As a high school student in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, Ishraq is very involved in the community. He is currently the TDSB district leader of Campus Vibez (established to help high school students with their post-secondary decision making) and is active in many clubs such as: Youth for Human Rights, Sick Kids Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation and the school peer mentoring team. Ishraq is part of the Victoria Park Wind Ensemble and involved in many school and extracurricular sports. He has also competed at regionals with the Spelling Bee of Canada where he placed 2nd in consecutive years. Ishraq volunteers at the Toronto Public Library in the Leading to Reading program where he teaches elementary students English, the YMCA where he teaches soccer, his middle school where he helps out with events, and Fieldstone Commons (an old age home where he assists seniors with everyday activities). This past summer, Ishraq visited Bangladesh and volunteered at Surovi, a non-profit organization where he mentored and taught English to orphan children and an underprivileged youth community. Prior to joining Kidney CARE Network International, Ishraq noticed that many people at his school were aware of cancer, but lacked the knowledge of other conditions such as CKD. To offer more information about this cause, Ishraq, along with his friend Rohak, decided to join Kidney CARE Network International and started a club at their school. In future, Ishraq strives to become a doctor and hopes to significantly contribute to Kidney CARE Network International in the years to come.