Rohak Bardalai

Public Liaison

Rohak is currently a high school student at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute. Key to the IB program he is in, is school participation and spirit. His main athletic interests are in soccer, volleyball and badminton. His volunteer experiences involve full days at the HUB at Victoria Park high school where he helped organize data and plan events.  He and his friend, Ishraq, were inspired to lead a remarkable club at their school after noticing a lack of enthusiasm in many others clubs.  So, they set out to finding a new cause. Having connections with Kidney CARE Network International made starting a new club (a chapter of Kidney CARE Network International) and acquiring information on CKD much easier.  Rohak and Ishraq also received a lot of guidance once they were introduced to the organization. Rohak plans on being of growing importance to Kidney CARE Network International as time goes on and is hopeful for the future kidney health. In the future, he aspires to go into the field of engineering, but is open to new experiences in medicine.