Vivian Feng


Education Committee Lead

Vivian is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto where she studied neuroscience and molecular cell biology.  Like many members in Kidney CARE Network International, Vivian started off as a volunteer for Dr. Lok’s research group. She was involved in a project studying hemodialysis practice patterns across Canada for dialysis catheters (Lok, 2013). From her experience, Vivian learned that treating CKD requires a multidisciplinary approach. While it is important to grasp a better understanding of the pathophysiology of CKD, it is equally crucial to recognize the emotional and social factors that profoundly threaten the patient’s wellbeing. As the Public Liason in Kidney CARE’s Education Committee, Vivian is determined to spread the knowledge of CKD and raise awareness of kidney health with the hope that patients with CKD are able to find more social support in their communities.